Is buying the "Crescent Sky" CD safe through your website? 

Yes. Buying the "Crescent Sky" CD is 100% safe! Our official retailer CDBaby accepts all major credit cards and guarantees secure online shopping.

CDBaby uses the most powerful privacy systems available - much safer than using your credit card in person, by mail, or by phone. Nobody ever sees your credit card info. It is charged, and immediately erased - never stored on their system at all.

I feel uncomfortable with using my credit card online. Can I still buy the album? 

Definitely. Even though surveys confirm that it’s actually safer to use credit cards online than in a restaurant, for example, we completely understand your concern.

Our official retailer offers flexible options to purchase the "Crescent Sky" CD. You can place your order by phone, fax or regular mail.

When will my CD arrive? 

In the USA, if you get one CD, they send it by first class mail. Your CD will arrive in 3-5 days.

If you get more than one CD, they send it by priority mail. Your CDs will arrive in 2-3 days. You can even have overnight shipping!

Outside of the USA, CDBaby uses Global Priority Mail. Sometimes they take only 2 days! Usually, 5-6 days. CDBaby can remove the plastic "jewelbox" around the CD, and send you just the CD and paper artwork if you want. This saves you not only postage, but usually won't be opened…

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